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At Chicago general contractor we are fully licensed and have an insurance cover for any liabilities. A general liability cover is fundamental in all our general contracting services in Chicago.

Our insurance covers any damage to your property or injuries which might occur to work team. As client you can always get in touch with us for your contracting services since we have an insurance cover.

The foundation of a general contractor is the general liability insurance because it covers damages to client property and injuries. Most commercial leases require you to have coverage whether is a huge or small project.

Most client with big project seeks for general contractors with insurance cover. Also, for remodeling and renovation you need insurance incase any liabilities may arise from the project work.

We have a comprehensive insurance cover and offer our clients copies of policies as proof to safe guard and ensure they trust project to experts and professionals.

Having insurance cover;

  • Protects client by giving them confidence and peace of mind.

  • Enhance client base because most client go after insured contractors.

  • Having insurance cover attracts more clients.

  • Enhance client base because most client go after insured contractors.

    A general liability insurance promotes contractor’s reputation because of the official guarantee.


    We are fully licensed. When a client needs special permits, our contractors will advise accordingly. As a contracting company we also obtain permits before starting any project.

    At Chicago general contractor we:

    • Coordinate the selection process.

    • Remain available and responsive throughout the project.

    • Monitor closely the project budget and advice where necessary.

    • Update you about your project through reports and meetings with project team.

    • Keep every aspect of the project scope.


      We are committed to safeguarding the safety and health of our staff, client, subcontractors and community. Our team is trained on the safe guidelines measure to adhere and follow during construction. Our team is trained adhere to maximum safety standards.

      We are ready to take on any remodel job big or small.

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