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Your construction is complete

After the physical building is done there are still some tasks to be performed. Your left with a lot of work to transition into the newly built space. At Chicago general contractor we not only stop at the end but continue to work to give you a smooth transition into your new space.

Our post-construction services ensure a comprehensive close-out to all parts of your project deliverables and a start of a long-term relationship to continue providing knowledgeable leadership and support. We ensure there is clear communication as part of safety and quality. we have a specialized team with experts established to fulfill all your post-construction services.

Our post-construction services are:

  • Modification to improve functionality.

  • Project follow-up after we have turned it over for occupation.

  • Final inspection.

  • Guidance to those providing maintenance and upkeep.

    • Turnover of equipment brochures and operating manuals.

    • Enhanced commissioning and other sustainable practices.

    • Electronic project archive.

    • As- built documentation.

      • Final inspection.

      • Post project review.

      • Move in coordination to the newly built space.

      • Cost reconciliation .

        Quality general contractor in Chicago general contractor

        We have good contractors who will ensure a good introduction process to your building and detailed operations manual so that you can understand your building layout and technical systems. You as the owner will be taken through an in-depth training on proper use of the building and equipment. Time to time our contractors will do a follow up to ensure that all the systems in the building are running smoothly.

        We will always be available in case you want to fix something, update or even expand.In a situation of an addition or extensionour contractors will be of help because they are aware of how the project scope was like, the plan and the expectation. The updates will be done to match with the standards of your space and value.

        Our post-construction services work to stipulate any issues in this phase and work on them before the final day, with a main aim of enhancing customer experience. Our contractors draft a turnover plan.

        We are ready to take on any remodel job big or small.

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