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Chicago general contractor understand that before undertaking any project it important to thoroughly assess, analyze, identify potential issues and risk, analyses work team needed, plan on an accurate schedule, clearly defined scope of design and an appropriate budget for the success of the project.

Our pre-construction services include:

  • Initial meeting with you and regular follow ups.

  • Getting the proper approvals and permits.

  • Setting a schedule for the start and end of project.

  • Establishing a final budget.

    • Cash flow projection.

    • Value engineering to ensure project scope fits in your budget.

    • Site analysis to ensure it fits within the project requirements.

    • Safety measures consideration.

      Our project manager ensures each aspect of the project process is coordinated on time with quality standard. The project manager will have a meeting with you to define your goals, vision, objective and come up with a detailed project scopes to determine the materials, equipment and type of workers needed. Then proceed to cost estimation which will help create accurate budget to create a balance between budget and scope. Scheduling is set to when the development of the project is to start.

      Why choose us

      We understand that your idea matter and while cost maybe a constraint, we ensure you get the best result without compromising on quality. For your project a dedicated team lead by the project manager assigned to you will always keep you updated on the progress of the project, scheduling meetings and preparing project reports. We ensure that project deliverables are completed on time and meet your expectation.

      If you have limited time, you need Chicago general contractor because they oversee and provide daily supervision of the operations to ensure all teams are working in unison for a success project.


      As we accept to work on your project , Chicago general contractor enters into an agreement with you based on your project scope and magnitude of your project. The contract defines the timelines, cost, project scope, payment and other requirements. Contract helps keep our commitment to work together and a connection fostered well by transparency as we ensure you get exactly what you need from our Chicago general contractor services.

      Our pre-construction services guarantee;

      • Assessment of the completion date.

      • Removal of many unknown variables.

      • Clear picture of how the project will look like.

      • Opportunity to present potential option for cost saving.

        We are ready to take on any remodel job big or small.

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