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With the limited space in Chicago, home addition and extension are a better way to enhance your home without moving out to a new home. Also, addition can be as a result of a growing family, changing lifestyle or deciding to put unused space in good use.

At Chicago general contractor we understand that home addition and extension require a well laid plan on every aspect from the design, material to give your home a good impact after the execution of work. We have our experts who have specialized in contracting services that help in making these addition and extension. Be it a be it an additional story, kitchen, bathroom, master suite or extra room.

Kitchen additions

Bringing your kitchen addition idea into reality can be really stressful, at Chicago general contractors will help you in designing and building, including determine the configuration of the space and size, designing lighting, adding mechanicals and blending the addition with the architecture of your home.

We consider the new design according to your preference maybe it is more room for your kitchen table or kitchen island needed. We make a plan that delivers the greatest value based on your preference. Once the plan is ready our team takes overs to build the room. Once it’s done our team provides will provide high-quality finishes based on your specific taste adding beauty and value to your new kitchen.

Room addition

Moving out can be stressful, take long time and tiring while room addition process take less time and its cost effective. Room addition may also be required to accommodate a new member of the family. Our experts will assess your space and give you the best design to accommodate the new addition and also will involve you in choosing the architecture and design elements of your room as you envision.

Master suite

You may need to convert your bedroom to a master suite to create more space, personal comfort or enjoyment that come with having a personal space. Master suite requires more care as new plumbing maybe required, installing sinks, showers or bathtub. With the help of our experts, they will make wok easier and help you achieve the desired master suite.

Why choose us?

We take home addition project as a sophisticated process. We work with you in building beautiful spaces that add to your function and the value of your home. We divide addition into three phases:


We create a plan that delivers greatest valuebased on your taste and preference.


Once plans are approved our team will take over to build the addition needed.


Once the room is built, our team will provide high-quality finishes.

We are ready to take on any remodel job big or small.

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